Does Lemon Water in Weight Loss? Benefits of Lemon Water

Lemon Water for Weight Loss

Lemon Water Weight Loss

Lemon water weight loss is valuable in a various ways, individuals find it supportive as it quiets down the body and restores the spirit, likewise it helps in helping the digestion and gives an unmistakable gleaming skin.

The ascorbic acid which is otherwise called Vitamin C, significantly helps in safeguarding the cells and keeping them healthy.

The citric acid and polyphenols in the lemon juice helps in boosting the metabolism when consumed on an empty stomach.

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Benefits of Having Lemon Water

Benefits of Lemon Water

Lemon is a citric fruit which is used for flavouring and other botanical remedies. It contains very little fat and protein, and majorly consists of 1 % Carbs and water and 1% of Dietary Fibres, it contains about 22% of Vitamin C, 1% Thiamin, and 1 %Folate.  It is also used for other medicinal purposes, which includes the cure and treatment of scurvy.  It is also used for Maleria and fever, in addition to numerous other indications.

Men and women are recommended to take not more than 90 mg and 75 mg of Vitamin C respectively, in a day. It is additionally great for the liver and detoxifies the body and makes your skin normally dynamic and glowy.

Promotes Hydration and a Good Source of Vitamin C

Promotes Hydaration and a Good Source of Vitamin C

Our body needs a primary source of antioxidants, which are majorly found in citrus friuts, and lemon is one of them, it helps in fighting anti-aging and also loosing of teeth, fatigue, and dry skin, there are a major benefits which can be extracted just by the consumption of lemon.

Lemon and ginger tea, when consumed together also helps in debloating.

It has its own pros and cons, when consumed at different times of the day, when consumed in morning, it can relives dehydration and energizes the body, also stimulates the digestive system which helps in weight loss and also helps in boosting the power of our brains.

While when it is consumed during the bedtime, it detoxes the colon, and helps in boosting the immune system, helps with heartburn and reduces inflammation.

Used As An Alternative

It can be a really good alternative for all the sugary drinks which people prefer during the morning hours, as it contains a lot of benefits, drinking lemon water empty stomach or before meals help in good and proper digestion.

Drinking lemon water every  morning, helps you intake more amount of water, as it makes the person thirsty.

Prevention of Diseases

Drinking lemon water not only helps you keeps hydrated, but also fights a lot of diseases, such as cold and flu, which many people are not aware about, as it helps in boosting your immune system which always to fight all the bacterias entering your body.

Hair and Skin health

Lemon water helps in Hair and Skin Health

Rinsing your hair with lemon juices, helps in reducing dandruff and removes excess oil from the scalp, giving you silky hairs. The antioxidants in the lemon juice helps in lightening the dark spots, and treating acnes, removing any blemishes and reducing hyperpigmentation, also fights the signs of skin aging.

Tell us in comments about what you thing of lemon water weight loss.

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