Workstation Design

We are experts in Workstation design, providing a full evaluation of the workplace by applying the science of human factors. Applying a user centered design process provides focus on ensuring a thorough understanding of human operator tasks and competencies.

Operators wellbeing, performance and risk of human error is dependent on how the physical, social and psychological elements of the system support their ability complete their day to day tasks. Working alongside standards such as ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental management systems) and 45001:2018 (Occupational health and safety management systems) provides the appropriate working environment to minimize the risk of reduced wellbeing, performance and human error.

  • Clarify goals and requirements
    A participatory approach is adopted to ensure to understanding your goals and requirements.
  • Organizational and behavioral insights
    We look to understand how your employees actually work, how they solve problems and how they work within their teams. We investigate what areas within your current design affect organizational wellbeing and productivity.
  • Environmental measurements and standards
    Environmental management systems and Occupational health and safety management systems are taken into account at the earliest to ensure high levels of wellbeing and productivity.
  • Workstation design
    The design is based on findings from our research based approach to ensure the working environment is designed around the users tasks.

Our approach to Workstation design

  • User Centered Design
    Understanding the users and their tasks. We take into account user competencies, procedures they follow, training provided, communications process, workloads and supervision, shift patterns and the safety culture.
  • Design Layout
    Workstation design layout is derived from a detailed understanding of the user and their needs. The layout is focused on reducing distractions from the environment.
  • ISO Standard
    Working to standards such as ISO ensure the working environment allows users in safety critical systems to communicate without the risk of misunderstanding key information.

    Our qualified ISO auditors, will also measure ISO standards to ensure that users of the workstation are not distracted by unwanted risk factors to provides the appropriate working environment to reduce risk of human error and promote wellbeing and productivity.

Special Design: Office Ergonomics

An ergonomic approach to the design of your office will help improve wellbeing and productivity. Our office ergonomics assessments cover strategy & design, VDT, wellbeing, individual complex workstation assessments, thermal, furniture and layout design.

We apply ergonomics and human factors to the design of offices. Ergonomics in the workplace includes:

  • Office Space Design
  • Visual Display Terminal (VDT) Assessments & Solution
  • Anthropometric Design
  • User Centric Design (percentile)
  • Office Environmental Risk Assessment

What are the benefits of ergonomics in the workplace?

  • Improved productivity and wellbeing
  • Increases real and perceived value of your office design
  • Identifies major design issues early on which can help to avoid costly mistakes
  • Compliance with ergonomics legislation and health and safety

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