Safety Training Programs

We provide a range of ergonomic training programme to suit most needs and in most cases are customized to suit the individual organization. Ergonomics awareness training courses are provided by team of Ergonomist and Safety professionals.

Ergonomics training and awareness courses

The techniques learned during the ergonomics training programme will address a wide variety of issues such as workplace design/layout, reduction of musculoskeletal disorders, use and application of ergonomic risk assessment tools and improvement of wellbeing and productivity.

By applying an ergonomics/human factors approach to the design of systems, processes or products within your organization, you can improve awareness to reduce risk and increase wellbeing and productivity.

Ergonomics Awareness Program
  • 1-4 hours' workshop on ergonomic principles and hazard identification program
  • Sector specific workshops-manufacturing, corporate, industries, construction, ware houses, government and services.
  • How to reduce workplace injury
Ergonomics for Designers, Engineers & Safety Committees
  • 1-2 days practical customized workshops with case studies
  • Learn about ergonomics practices in design, evalution of jobs and workplace risks
  • Assessment tools

Topic Highlights

  • Introduction to ergonomics
  • Work Physiology – Understanding the human system
  • Ergonomic stressors and Occupational stress
  • Injury and disease causation
  • Posture and biomechanics
  • Identifying and prioritizing ergonomics problems
  • Basic job analysis techniques
  • Advanced job analysis techniques for the upper extremities (including the Strain Index and RULA)
  • Ergonomic evaluation and control techniques
  • Workstation design including an introduction to anthropometrics and hand tool design/selection
  • Office ergonomics

Ergonomics Awareness Program
  • 1-4 hours' workshop on back safety and safe lifting
  • Best practices in manual material handling jobs
Office Ergonomics
  • 1-2 hours workshop on proper office ergonomics and computer workstation setup.
  • Train the trainer certificate workshop-participants will learn how to conduct office assessments
  • Take away-office workstation audit checklist for your workstation

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