Our Services Includes:

Company Review & Strategic Planning

  • Review injury logs and illness records
  • Analyze data for risk factor
  • Screen company risk factors
  • Unify organizational objectives/corporate goals

Individual Employee Analysis

  • Evaluate employee workstation or work area
  • Recommend changes for decreasing discomfort
  • Alter work environment for improved performance

Ergonomic & OHS Training Programs

  • Develop and present custom designed training
  • Motivate employees to implement change
  • Evaluate ways to address specific risk factors
    • Office Ergonomics
    • Industrial Ergonomics
    • Ergonomics for Occupational Health & Safety
    • Ergonomics for specific departments/jobs

Fitting the Job to the Worker

Finding the balance of human capabilities and job task demands results in:

  • increased Health efficiency
  • increased Safety
  • increased productivity

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